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Clever Meal

35.7 million Americans live alone, this represents 28% of households.  Clever Meal sees opportunities across the market.

The US has 54,000 motels and hotels, all possible customers for the Clever Meal.

The room service revolution – Clever Meal.

Our food will make you healthy – a natural option, a wellness meal.

Subway restaurants – “tried everything he can think of to find workers – replacing workers is also expensive – it costs on average $2000 to replace the average hourly restaurant worker” NY Times: May 2018.

You don’t have to turn on your oven for our delicious full course meal.  It is time to focus on real food.

Cloud kitchen – a kitchen that has no retail presence and essentially serves as a meal preparation hub for delivery orders.

“If you don’t use delivery apps, you don’t exist”. Canter’s Deli L.A.: Aug 2019.

The new meal on the block – Clever Meal.

“American diners have more take out in their future – a surge in take-out orders is likely to last”. WSJ: May 2020.

Restaurants fear for their future.  For the typical restaurant, fixed costs such as labour, food and rent eat up around 90 percent of the money coming in.   Fees that the large delivery services charge small restaurants, which generally are 20 to 30 percent of what customers pay for each order.  In San Francisco, 62% of local restaurants said in a survey last month that they are losing money on delivery and takeout.  WSJ: June 2020.

A simplified eating process from breakfast, lunch and supper for ‘on-the-go’ consumers.

You get all the benefits of the restaurant – without the problems and costs involved in running a restaurant.

Clever Meal – fast food for every taste bud.

Clever Meal – it’s instantly healthy food.  Simple and natural ingredients.

Clever Meal at the office creates higher productivity and reduces ill health.

With Clever Meal, the focus has to be around convenience, value and nutrition.

Breakfast sales are more profitable than lunch and dinner because the cost of ingredients such as eggs are cheap and fewer workers are generally needed in order to prepare a meal.

The Clever Meal will help Small Shops and local restaurants as well as new enterprises to generate more revenue income out of its regular shop or enterprise. 

The meals reduce the energy used, speed up availability, provide quality assurance, freshness and appropriate portions.

2/3 of American restaurants offer delivery through Door Dash and its rivals – restaurants are expected to do $46 billion dollars in delivery sales. WSJ: July 2019.

More than 90% of McDonald’s 14,000 American restaurants are owned by franchises. Chicago Tribune: July 2019.

Americans bought 625 million rotisserie chickens at supermarkets in 2017 – Costco sold 87 million rotisserie chickens in 2017 – Costco is building its own $300million dollar chicken processing plant. WSJ: Jan 2018.

“Americans work longer hours and confront an ever-growing array of food options; they are spending on average $0.44 per food dollar on restaurant meals – according to The United States Department of Agriculture”. WSJ: Oct 2017.

Apps are starting to reshape the $863 billion US dollar restaurant industry. NY Times: Aug 2019.

“Nearly 30% of fast food deliveries admit to sampling food from an order”. WSJ: Feb 2020.

USA – $282 billion worth of fast food is eaten every year.

Today food eaten outside the home accounts for 13% of spending while clothing sales account for just 2.4%.

“The mark up on the food deliveries were between 7% to 91% more than what you would pay if you bought the meal directly from the restaurant.  Yep, you read that right”.  NY Times: Feb 2020.

We will make a better meal.  A delicious way to a healthy way of eating.

Locals will participate in the fast-food industry.

Fast food squeezes the nutrition out – we give you fast and all of the nutrition.

Breakfast becomes the most important meal of the day for McDonald’s and others – it accounts for 21.3% of daily sales.

“Commission for delivering food is 15% to as much as 30%.” NY Times: Aug 2019.

On-the-go meals – sold everywhere.

Clever Meal offers affordability as shoppers brace for an economic downturn.

Away from home Clever Meal sold in retail channels.

Stay-at-home prepared meals – Clever Meals.

Next generation’s fast food.

Out-of-home prepared meals.

Old-fashioned meals, what is wrong with that.

It is the most nutritious.

Trade down from traditional restaurants.

A new trend to get good fast food.

Exposure to ‘healthier fast food”.

Food-wise, Clever Meal is a winner.

30% of all food is lost or wasted.  820 million people around the world are undernourished.

Towards healthier food, take-out if incomes are under pressure.

Being local is also about improving access to nutritious food.  Simplicity will get a taste of fast nutritious food.

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