8: Manufacturer



  • No barrier to entry for manufacturers, no self-space rental.
  • Will give products a direct route to the consumer’s table.
  • We need to project power for the neighbourhood, large retail needs solidarity and cooperation between manufacturers. 
  • The economic merits of the brown box.  The use of the brown box for shipping goods needs to be discouraged.  With our concept, not only does it deliver a reduction in greenhouse emissions it also lowers the cost of goods and gives consumers and businesses maximum flexibility in choosing new innovation.  We will move goods from the warehouse to the customer in an economically efficient way to combine the last mile journey with reusable boxes.
  • Many Investors are abandoning brick and mortar shops for digital.
  • No worries for the manufacturer if shelves are crowded.
  • We need to consolidate and form joint ventures with manufacturers and retail and our concept in order to make wise decisions going forward.
  • Deliver free of charge for manufacturer samples. The concierge will take the product directly to the customer and elevate consumer experience through a more direct and personal relationship.
  • We are going to extract the same concessions as Walmart and Amazon do with manufacturers.
  • Redefine how the goods get from the manufacturer to the consumer.
  • Work closely with manufacturers to reduce packaging and make the product understood, promote and deliver.
  • Manufacturers are concerned about digital and we have the answer.
  • Form a conglomerate to deal quickly with manufacturers in buying, but not in selling, to be able to take on Amazon.
  • Aim to connect with current manufacturers to offer a concept shop that breaks all tradition.
  • The brown box manufacturing pumps a huge amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • We give manufacturers are a very, very, big opportunity for any manufacturer to prosper and educate.
  • Simplify how products get from the manufacturer to the homes of consumers.
  • With 367, 500 cars manufactured by Tesla in 2019, it is the most valuable car company, Volkswagen delivers 11 million cars.  The value of Tesla as a company surpasses Volkswagen because it has decided to engage with digital and futuristic consumer acceptance in a changing market We need to do the same in the retail market.
  • Tesla Overtakes Toyota as the World’s Most Valuable Automaker: Tesla Inc. displaced Toyota Motor Corp. as the world’s most valuable automaker, underscoring INVESTOR enthusiasm for a company trying to TRANSFORM an industry that’s relied on internal combustion engines for more than 130 years.   Tesla produced 103, 000 vehicles in the first quarter compared to 2.4 million made by Toyota and Tesla has yet to post an annual profit. WSJ: July 2020.

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