5: Investors



  • To Investors: the world is at the beginning of a fundamental digital shopping change that will impact the global retail system.  Small Shops and large shops have to move quickly in order to take advantage of the opportunity that Innovation and Partnership can contribute to building the local and export market for these long-term trends.
  • Climate awareness – Investors demand help locally to offset carbon pollution packaging.
  • Any company that uses extra packaging is viewed as a risk by global Investors.
  • Foot traffic to malls and brick and mortar shops is way down and mall owners are returning the keys to Investors. Investors, if you want to be part of something that will change the world – invite me to demonstrate.
  • Investors that invest in the future, do good for entrepreneurs who will do well on return on investment.
  • I need a lot of retailers, manufacturers and Investors to share my urgency.  A silver lining to the Coronavirus is about the urgency and innovation of businesses having to adapt quickly in a crisis.  This will become a template for business for the future.
  • For Investors, it’s time to be curious.
  • Investors looking to take advantage of a big change in retail may need to think small.
  • As soon as Investors understand the dynamic, the long-term societal benefits, environmental benefits, manufacturer benefits they will pay attention.
  • Red hot local momentum in consumers and Investors.
  • Investors need to recognize that there is a potentially huge market.
  • I feel Investors will get excited for having local growth and most significantly a chance of disrupting Amazon with a 50/50 profit margin sharing with the concierge moving forward.
  • Digital has grown so quick but now it is the turn of Small Shops to create a perfect opportunity for Investors and shopkeepers.
  • Covid-19 circumstances give us and Investors more reason to undertake the retail of the future with new opportunities for locals.
  • We will make ShopSmallShop a global futuristic concept that Investors want to invest in.  What will one day become the delivery of innovative solutions, with great rewards?
  • We, the shopkeeper, Investor and manufacturer need to defend local shopping.
  • Investors need to take notice and prepare to take advantage of locals to increase returns on investment. 
  • It is a huge undertaking.  However, it is also a huge opportunity to take on Amazon for Investors and locals.

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