4: Partnership



  • We can emerge in a strong position locally if we partner with innovation and see a new future in retailing.
  • We need a partnership to create a Small Shop giant.
  • We will be able to scale up quickly at a local level because of all the partners.
  • It is really about the business opportunity that I am offering partners.
  • We need to take strength in innovation and partnership.
  • As many retailers are still wrestling with past forms of retail with high costs.  I offer fundamental reform with the introduction of innovation and partnership.
  • Innovation and partnership are very appealing because there is no other option on the table.
  • Lessens competition with innovation partnership – locals.
  • Coming together to support innovation and partnership.  
  • Delivery people suddenly turning into 50/50 partnership entrepreneurs.
  • The combination of platforms creates a strong partnership.
  • A great opportunity to build a strong entrepreneur partnership.
  • The time is now to make a painful but necessary shift.  Abandon a ship where the business model no longer works and moves as fast as possible to a new format of local partnership.
  • Investors urge major retailers to diversify their portfolio to digital partnerships.
  • Our focus is on having a local shop on the strength of the local partnership, real impact on Main Street. 
  • Big Shops need to hedge their bets, both with digital shopping, warehouse configuration and local partnership.
  • Added together partnership – innovation offers an interesting shop for the present. 
  • Our concept will be less capital-intensive requirements.  No inventory – storage retail – partnership delivery.  Curtail cost.
  • A partnership that can reduce damage to the economy, clear hurdles at speed like never seen before.
  • Let us do justice to innovation and partnership. 
  • Transform retail to partnership in local growth.
  • Lucrative local partnership, local opportunities to grow the economy, lower climate impact.
  • Innovation in digital partnership in digital offers retailers, large and small, their best chance of making it more affordable. 
  • We need to take urgent action on entrepreneur creation and climate change.
  • To win a race against time with millions of entrepreneurs created.
  • Untapped new entrepreneurs like Uber and Air B&B.
  • Poor credit scores after the Coronavirus will make it difficult to obtain affordable loans and can affect the ability to be an entrepreneur.  It can take years to rehabilitate a low credit score.
  • We need to build alliances – the right sort of partnerships.
  • Urgent action is needed to develop an option for Amazon for the customers.  Innovate and modernized to remain competitive and viable profit options in the future.  Full engagement in partnership with all involved, they need to come forward quickly.
  • We need a partnership that craves change and a willingness to take risks.

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