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Traditional shopping is experiencing significant disruption and is fighting with digital commerce for your shopping dollar. As one expert states, “we have at this point in history, for the first time, more changes happening for your shopping dollar than any other time in history”.

An explosion of products available online has heightened competition. With the aid of the digital concierge, smartphones and tablets are squeezing incumbent retailers and taking a toll on their bottom line. Clearly, the status quo is no longer an option.

A new business model has arisen where the physical concierge with its control of the last mile will make an extraordinary effort at restoring the personal attention that has long underpinned the small shop industry. This new model will reach out to rejuvenate small shops at the local level through quality service that remote retailers just can’t match. Benefits will compound since increased local profits will give locals increased spending power. In these hard times, it is vital for local governments to initiate growth and invest in local developments that can then become self-sustaining.

Digital commerce is here to stay but lacks the “trust factor” and the personal touch of small shops in local communities. Unlike digital smartphones or tablets, a physical concierge like ours will establish trust with consumers. With the future fortunes of retailers being increasingly coupled to the success of both digital and physical concierges, we will bridge the gap between these realms and get a powerful presence at the local level.

We will stay true to our core value of high-quality personal care and attract consumers by collaborating with them in the shopping process. Our personal assistance will provide knowledge, peace of mind and tactile service that is simply not there on a computer. This deal would also give the physical concierge the ability to use digital capabilities to acquire valuable information about consumer purchasing habits. “If you get close enough, you can get real insights into users’ activities”. The combination of real-time data about customer practises and physical proximity to local markets would enable “Shop Small Shop” to respond quickly to changing trends in consumer demand.

We will foster bonds based on loyalty by giving shoppers a helping hand. Our physical concierge represents a great way to bring shoppers and personal service together at the local level. The personal service we offer will make consumers feel like they have travelled back to a time when small local shops gave people a sense of common purpose and community belonging.

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