14: Amazon – selling at – cost or below-cost


Amazon – selling at – cost or below-cost

The most powerful and richest retailers in the world have the power to undersell the Small Shop by selling at-cost or below-cost.

Not possible anymore with the power of the concierge without adding a hefty cost to their systems.  We will be powerful in the number of concierges in the marketplace. With our 100’s if not 1000’s of concierges in the communities with some of them having the Amazon Prime benefits.  We will have these concierges order from Amazon and delivered by Amazon the products that were offered on their site at-cost or below-cost and use these products to replenish our inventory.  Amazon will pay the cost of gathering, packaging and shipping these products to our concierge.  The goods arriving at the concierge’s door would be re-routed to our warehouse free on our return trucks.

This will add a high cost to Amazon, even some products could be returned to Amazon at their cost.  If this is done often enough it will affect their profit and alert Investors of possible loss to the feasibilities of their long-term concept and market power.

In past years, Amazon used showrooming to destroy local retailers, it worked big in their favour.  For us, re-stocking our warehouse from their supplies will be a reverse action for fair and increased competition.  Plus there will be no need for our Small Shop customers to have an Amazon Prime Membership since our concierge will be able to order direct from Amazon, there will be no extra cost for the customer since the concierge can order and deliver the goods to the customer’s door for added convenience.

The same can apply with WalMart+ Program just introduced on July 14, 2020.

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