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Innovation, ingenuity, persistence, research and large amounts of information are required to create smart new partnerships and shops that benefit the individual and the community. Conrad Martin aims to bring together wide-ranging sources of merchandise and information in the simple format of a concierge service that offers customers unmatched convenience and the best value for their shopping dollars. Since the concierge service will bring customers’ shopping needs to their residences, they will no longer feel the need to shop in stores. This will be a huge attraction given today’s busy lifestyle. For many, the new concierge service will be like receiving five-star hotel treatment and this will also help to ensure its success.

As a manufacturer or a service provider, you will see a new army of concierge services that promote products and services in a more aggressive way at the local level. Our aim is to unlock demand for new products and services that excite people and our competitive advantage will stem from innovations in the logistics of the supply chain.

Our concierge service will be comprised of a powerful entrepreneur group that connects manufacturers to consumers through local, personal relationships which will yield great power in buying decisions. Over time the concierge service will give product and service providers access to a much broader customer base.

Local roots will allow our concierge service to create an intimate bond with the customers. A concierge certification program will protect local consumers from misrepresentation and help them make informed buying decisions while feeling confident about their spending.

Our concierge service will have a positive impact on many aspects of the local economy, creating jobs while simplifying the lives of producers and consumers. For individuals with high debt, dwindling pensions and meagre savings this will result in a new generation of successful capitalists and shopkeepers promoting consumer-friendly products and services at the local level.

Consumers will immediately benefit from the best offerings of “Curb Side Superstore”, and its personal approach will be much more attractive to consumers than the impersonal attitude of box stores. We will not only understand the lives and the needs of ordinary consumers; we will represent their interests.

Essentially, the concierge service will become an extension of consumers’ lives because it will deliver great products and services to their homes at competitive prices. We will distinguish ourselves in the world of Internet shopping with the local and personal emphasis of our concierge service. Concierge services are becoming increasingly vital in the Internet age because they offer so much more than modern urban shops – more products, more services, more value. Our customer service will become so deeply embedded in the lives of local communities that locals will feel socially isolated if they do not embrace the service.

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